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Tellordie wilden battlemind Story Empty Tellordie wilden battlemind Story

Post  steven_h_d on Fri Aug 19, 2011 11:20 am

You can call me Telly, most humans do. My full name would take several days to say. A name is a story of ones life is it not? Where to start, well lets skip the part growing up, and jump to when I started on this knowledge quest. See I was there when the humans and orcs fought in the old castle. The humans were few and hid inside and the orcs were more and attacked. Get the picture? My family of wilden came to the resque and save a few of them humans. None of the orcs.
However our tribe did not want them to cut trees to rebuild the castle, and the humans decided to leave. One of the eldars asked me to go with them and observe. Mostly to make sure they didn't go to another part of the forest and cut. I followed them to a larger town and then wanted to see how other humans and races worked together. Interesting. Does you belief help you fight?
Appears that it takes these round little objects called CP and GP to sleep and eat in the city, so if I stay I must earn them. An adventure with your group, sounds, interesting. Will we meet new races, can I see how your races handle stress, love and travel.

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