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Post  steven_h_d on Fri Aug 19, 2011 11:09 am

Yes, Sunrider is a joke. A drow on the surface of a desert world, tasked with bringing down the last of a rival house. Tagged with the name after I lost the army of spiders.
Whats the matter, can't handle life on the surface in the sun and capture one little female. Ha Ha. Back to the surface sunrider . .
Jacob my real name, sound drowish to you? Me neither, so skip the name. Names mean little anyway. Brothers and sisters, really you want to know how life is in the underdark? Didn't think so.
No one said the little female drow had powerfull allies. Image a group of three taking out an army of 12 spider warriors. Lucky to have gotten away my self with burns from that female dragonborn. That little guy can swing a mean axe too. The drow girl wasn't so tough, just tricky. But I have a new ally, see when they ran me out of town tavern by tavern I found this well. There a lady spoke to me to become her champion, and now I have new powers. However I ended up here, so no more task to find Jennie and no more drow house to report to, leaves me with a choice to honor the sword the well lady gave me. Goes against all I was raised with, but I know life is like that. Now what task do you have for me? An adventure to find treasue, sounds profitable. I get 1/10 of all we find, plus a commission on each oppenant I defeat. Ok, I'm in when do we start?

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