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Post  Gabby on Sat Feb 19, 2011 10:37 pm

born into the service of the mighty sorcerer king dregoth,i was raised and bread for one purpose..to slay the race of man and make all slaves to my masters will , but sadly with the destruction of giustenal the mighty empire with whom my will is bound. i was forced to flee with what little was left of my race.so although rumers remain that my king is still alive but buried in the ruins that was once my great kingdom , i must go on in life till he raises again. for now i shall put my powers as such as they are in the service of paying of the local town of tyr's sorcerer king to allow me to continue useing my vast arcane powers to defile all i want. this arrange ment has served me for all 3000 years of my life...till the dreaded day that cold fall when the weak king of tyr fell from his throne .still as a skilled sorcerer and known templar of the people , i had to carry on somehow . so joining the new wave of conflict , this so called battle of the trade, i have picked what i think will benifit me the most, here at house moog . i shall one day find and return my king to the throne of power and take my place at his side till i think i am ready to take his spot.....time is on my side....one day all will live and die at my whim.

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