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Post  steven_h_d on Fri Oct 08, 2010 12:42 pm

From a very young boy, he has been a slave to the nobel house. As was his father, grandfather too. First he worked in the fields along with the other slave boys and girls. One day a older boy attempted to force himself on a girl. Gavin didnt really know the girl, but it had been a long day of tending food plants he likely could never eat. So he took the boy down and beat on him. Soon enough the guards arrived to stop the fight, course it was after the betting, and after a winner was assured. So they saw Gavin had abilities and the other young boy did not. A hard leason to learn, since the other boy was "useless" they killed him on the spot. Gavin was transfered to train as a gladiator. Well he understood that moment on the cost of failure. He became very good fighter with a net. Then one day they said he must fight his old trainer, instead the trainer and he fought the guards, expecting to die. However they won!
Escape means leaving the city and finding someone to draw papers of thier freedom status, although that might just as well be ignored anyway.

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