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Post  steven_h_d on Wed Apr 07, 2010 1:04 pm

You may call be Amber, most do because of the hair color.
You may not call me winch, or doll, unless you wish to sleep with the fishes.
The second of 5 children born to two costal half-elves (sea elf)
She is roaming land looking for a lost older brother,
who had to leave 10 years ago for interrupting an "arrest" and death of a full elf

He was rumored to have joined the resistance...
.but so far no one she has met has heard of him.
But she still believes EdhelnĂ­r Dethsalonal is alive (Ed to the human side)
Working the fishing business since the age of 12
till her "womanly" development became to distracting.
specially when she was doing deep dives, for hard to catch species of fish.
She began training from her maternal grandmother in the skills of magic
learning the first the rule as to how to remain hidden while casting.
She carries her staff with a small nearly hidden orb as well as a hunting bow and arrows.
Her black (dye) hair tied in a pony tail, down her back, almost always hidden beneath a hooded jacket. The jacket, skirt and tall boots are brown, will some dark green trim. She has a skinsuit beneath she uses for swimming and long dives for her dolphin swims (seaborn).

when traveling alone she wore baggie human boy clothes to hide her gender, elf and weapons.
Now that she travels witha group, she has let her natual amber hair hang down her back in the pony tail with the hood down, unless it is foal weather. Hidding the unstrung bow can be a problem, but she learned how to disguise it as part of her goat herder staff. Just need to borrow some

One thing for sure her magic can slain orcs, or put them to sleep.
As long as she can avoid detection.
Recently she has joined a resistance movement, in part to continue a search
and prove her self worthy of their trust.

adept at at-will magic missiles, encounter -ice terrain, at will ray of frost, and a daily sleep spell.
But if needed she can revert to the long bow and fight close up with the staff.
Although she perfers to hit and run from a distance.

See "Our Journey" for the adventures since I joined up.

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