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Post  steven_h_d on Mon Jun 07, 2010 4:28 pm

Dinethal - elven cleric Our houses carved with love and beauty over centuries we believed would stand forever. Forever for a elf is a long long time. Greatgrand fathers build these homes carefully to harm not the tress in the grove but to channel the rains and sun to intensify their beauty. My father generation was not so kind, they wished to expand and include more each for them selves. We became more like the drow, execpt living above ground. Each tribe looking for ways to take what was not thiers and increase themsleves and thier power. The rest of the forest was negleted. Then fire came from the skys. First Mother died that day, as did many. Second mother still trembles when the story is told and how she saved many children, but not all. She sits now in the dark and watches the sky, fearful of the next time the fire will fall. Third mothers child am I, too young to recall the fire, but we still get the ground shakes, some worse then others. They have always come, even the trents fear it each time the great earth rolls in her pain. some wounds take time to heal, some may never heal. We have strayed from the Gods, we pay the price of pride. Father has asked me to go on the great journey. It was anounce not so long ago they had contact with the humans again and a desision was made to send some from each land. A burden we bear, of unknown design. Father asked me to go, but it is not out of trust or kindness. He no longer wants me in his house. He has lost his way, the Gods are false he cries, we do not need them, they do not want us. Curse them he says and be done with this. Only I can not, I have heard them call. I can not turn from them, we need them to survive. we all know this. The earth will turn again soon and ash will fall, the food will die and we will starve. Each year we lose more of us. We need assistance if we are to rebuild. The trents are angry with us and provent us from journey to the fabled lake. I have never seen it, it is rumored to be an evil place now. controlled by a twisted evil trent. He blames us for the fire, maybe he is right. Although we were surely not the only ones as all the lands have suffered. The evil trent watch us in our makeshift huts, we see then at night. They are waiting for when we are too weak to defend ourselves. Now is not the time to turn away from the only things thayt can help us. So I will go, although i may not ever be allowed back. My journey has begun, the path is before me. Third mother crys, as do some of my sisters and brothers. Most of the elders dont even look at those of us to go. Only the clerics believe ther is hope, and not all of them. The tribe as outfitted us as the best we can. Armor and weapons I have practiced with, backpack is filled and my skills sharp. I will need them. It is a long journey, a long way for a young girl to travel, but I have faith. This is my time. So long.

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