Dirlos the lands Haven

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Dirlos the lands Haven Empty Dirlos the lands Haven

Post  Zandar on Thu Jun 03, 2010 4:14 pm

Once pride had a grip on the Elf's once pride had them working with the human's. Once pride had a place only few outsider's had seen.
Pride of Dirlos died with the fires the would not stop burning. In one night they lost it all. Dirlos burnt. Time showed a new birth in the land. Green came once agin. To a point. All the great land did not heal. Then all the great land had not burned. Dols the center of the
great elf's heart still stands. Gaurded by the tree's they once called friends. The lake that feeds the city runs dark. Any who gets close to the lake die. If they make it that far. One can only hope the Trents will let us back in.We pry so this will come true. We need it.

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