Travel from the northern coast of Pelluria

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Travel from the northern coast of Pelluria Empty Travel from the northern coast of Pelluria

Post  steven_h_d on Thu Jun 03, 2010 3:08 pm

Gretta - "He doesn't like you. I dont like you either. watch yourself we both bite." feral spirit beastmaster. You either live with the beast of the forest or the forest will hunt you down. I perfer to be the hunter. Sometimes the orcs think they are the hunter, as I lead them into a trap. Maybe a hive of stinging insects or a hunt pack of wolves. I guide thier steps into my trap and the forest thanks me for ridding it of their foulness. I an not afraid of the forest it and I are one. It provides and protects me as I provide and protect it. Hard to chop trees with an arrow in your eye. tend to hurt a bit. Crazy orcs always hacking and burning to no avail. The forest will reclaim itself in the end. Once we rid the area of Orcs, once we draw an arrow into the dark lords that destroyed my home. Yes I have a dark side, as I laugh and sing. Live like today is your last, it might very well be. But today I make sure one more Orcy dies, one less to hurt the forest. Tally them up you forgotten lords in the sky, someday you will return and reward all of us that stood up and fought! I make my way around the coast, some recall Amber, some not sure they talk to another half-elf. A few beers in thier mouths and they talk freely. Just have to make sure they dont talk freely about me. Sorry, they weren't nice folk anyway. They wont be missed, much. The tolkens grandma gave us help some but not always. Wish she could have told us more. Papa wuld be proud of my skills in the forest, he always like it here. But his business with the boats kept him from it too much. Mothers folk can influnance you like that.

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