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Post  steven_h_d on Sun May 23, 2010 11:03 am

Gretta - Lofty dreams and deep concerns are for others. Gretta lives for now. Too much has been depression around her she works to lift the spirit of those she meets. To live as a glorious warrior of the forest, a ghost to defend what she loves. Good hunting, and to brag about how she outwitted the orcs yet again, is her passion. She drinks less that those with her think. Deftly disposing of her drink while the others are getting drunk. Then their secrets confided to a pretty lass are hers to sell or use against the orcs. She has long brought info to the dwarven and elven clans, so they can avoid traps set by the orcs and their masters. Poor officials sometimes pay the price of their loose tongues when their masters plans fail.

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