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Post  Boomer on Sat Feb 11, 2012 9:44 pm

Abandon as a baby. Taken in and raised by Gnome Druids. As Mooner grew he learned of physical strength because he was a mino. The Gnomes taught him that physical strength is not the only strength. There is also mental strength. Mental and physical strength combined make a deadly combination. At the appointed age the gnome druids instructed Mooner to go on a quest of inner peace. They could not say what was inner peace he must find that part out. They did pass on the watchful totem that was around his neck when they found him. Mooner is our looking for fame, fortune, or family. He is very perceptive and is not afraid to use brain over brawn. Mooners wild shape is a pure bull versus his half-human/half-bull mino form.


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