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Etatiliion was born to half-elf parents in a small village of half-elfs. They had a leader and spiritual guide in the village who were friends with his parents. He grew up happy and free. There were dangers, but for some reasons they never seemed to come to the village. Or so it seemed to him.

After his 40th birthday, he began warrior training. It was soon found that he was somehow special and different. When the spiritual leader of his village started to take an interest in him, it became obvious that he was chosen for the favor of a god. In what was a rare occurrence, the cleric was overtaken by his god, Pelor, as an avatar and told that he was to search for something. To take up a quest as his champion.

The details of the quest always come in little things. Pelor hints in dreams, in whispers during prayer and sometimes in plain sight like markers or using avatars to tell him things.

Pelor has also given him some interesting friends to join him in this quest even though the quest is not yet fully known. Etatillion has learned from these friends as they have learned from him. Not all of his tactics are clean, but they are always for the good of the group and the quest.

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