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Fractured Realm Story
Well how does one start off on an adventure. In Sally’s case, it was go now or be forced into a marriage. Ah, but finding one that pays the rest and food, that’s the trick. So it was she found herself not far from where she started, tending customers as a bar maid once again. It didn’t pay much, but then she wasn’t about to go work at Mona’s either. She would have gotten more money there but at what cost to herself respect and body. Then a strange thing happened one day. It started as a normal day, fairly busy. Here at the tavern was some of the normal crowd she had learned in the few days working here. Over there sat the Cop, Slick Dugg. There was a musician named Trake playing softly over in a corner. Dawn was sitting by herself drinking a beer. There were several others so she kept moving about, chatting with them and keeping an eye on others. The loyal deputy Fife was outside minding the horses. Then in rushes a stranger who bumps into several customers, and heads for the rooms upstairs. While there were rooms the owner rented out up there Sally wasn’t aware of this one having one. Still she was the day waitress and he could have come in during the other shifts. The rougher girls handled that shift as customers tended to grab them as they moved past and Sally didn’t care for that kind of treatment. Back home she had clobber a few for trying that type of thing. Still it was just a rude customer, who spilled a drink on Dawn. Sally smiled; well he would deserve whatever reaction he got from Dawn. Dawn got up and followed after him, and asked to speak together. Well that was interesting, she wanted to buy him a drink, and waved at her to bring two drinks. So quickly mopping up the spill and smoothing a few ruffled feathers for those who had been bumped, she went to the bar to get the now four drinks Dawn was asking for now. When in flew the sprite Mona and called for someone to stop that man. Trake seemed suddenly interested and Slick started moving from his chair. Dawn paused for a second as the feller attempt to get rid of her and proceed up the stairs. Still this was hardly an adventure, and she wasn’t involved. Returning to the bar she traded the four full mugs for two empty ones and a full bottle. Easier to carry up the stairs and besides would be a reason to stand around and see what was happening. When Mona saw Slick going after the man, she said she was going to check on her girl and be right back to file a complaint. So likely he skipped out on payment. Well the fellow was kind of hunched and ugly so good luck getting service there again. By now there was several people headed up the stairs, Slick, Dawn, Trake as well as the man attempting to get away. Although once he got upstairs where he thought he was going after that Sally didn’t know. Slick called down for the keys as he demanded the man open the door. Sally sighed and still holding the bottle and mugs turned and caught the key ring the bar tender tossed her. She ran up the stairs and gave them to Slick, then stood back out of the way. Slick found the correct key and opened the door, He and Dawn started in and then quickly started back down, says Slick they escaped into a portal, but he knew the area they went. Called down to Dep Fife to get the horses ready, Sally retrieved the keys still hanging in the door as Trake pushed past and looked around the room. Mona had come back when they came down and wailed they had cut off one of the girls hands. Gross. Slick said there had been two of them in the room. As he and Dep Fife mounted up with Mona hitching a ride on the deputies saddle, Dawn shows up with a horse asks you’re coming too right? Looking at Sally and motions her to jump on the back. Still holding the mugs and bottle she quickly decides this may be her break and mounts up. Off the five of them go, racing for the forest. Meanwhile Trake had found some items in the room and decided to see if the local librarian knew what the items were, so he goes over to Zippo and asks him. Somehow in this mix Richard the news hound has caught up the story at Mona’s and has now followed Trake asking questions on what he saw at the tavern. Then they all three load up on a wagon and follow the sheriff posse.
Out in the forest a Centaur named Miracle see the two men step out of a portal and look in a hurry. Being this doesn’t happen every day he decides to follow them. The men stop long enough to adjust a few of their hastily gathered belonging and among them Miracle sees a bloody hand. Now he knows they are up to no good. They head for town, but stay off the road. Discreetly Miracle follows them at a distance.
The sheriff pose passes by on the road, and meets Miracles sister Marvelous. She tells them she and her brother did see the two, but they were headed back to town, off the path. Quickly they turn in the indicated direction, and head off in chase. Sallly managed to refill both hers and Dawns mugs before they start moving so they have drinks in hand as they go. This adventure stuff seems like a lot of fun!
The two suspects are closer to town now and have returned to the road, by the time the news team wagon is passing them by. Trake recognizes the taller one who is lecturing the humped one and smacking him on clumsiness. They turn around and follow the two men attempting to blend in with the normal traffic on the street. The reporter and Trake are no problem as there are several humans around, the librarian Zippo has a harder time as few of the Saurians live here. However the two men’s seem not to notice. The posse arrives back in town and Sally who is not attempting to control a horse see the suspects heading into a familiar section of town. The sheriff closes in pursuit. The two men round a couple of corners and Trake, Zippo and Richard are not too far behind when they notice a centaur also following the two men. However the two men can’t help but notice the now four of them as well and split up. Hunch man going one way, towards a better part of town and the other man walking quickly the opposite direction. Trake and Zippo follow the tall one, as Richard and Miracle the centaur follow the hunched other man.
It is Dawn who spots the fleeing hunchback man this time entering a house that both she and Slick know to be a gangster safe house. Deputy Fife, Mona and Sally watch the front and back of the house while Slick and Dawn approach the door. The two go inside, as Trake, Richard and Miracle show up and recognize the deputy on watch. Sally who is at this point still thrilled to be on an adventure discusses what has happened so far. Richard the reporter decides he needs more to write a story so he picks a lock and sneaks inside.
Inside the sheriff have the two people at the house in a sweat, while they both appear to be calmly enjoying an afternoon waiting for their meal to cook. They appear to be too out of breath to be just sitting and reading a book the wife is holding. Dawn has a vision of a trap door and goes to stand over it, making both homeowners Lenard and Sally nervous. To keep names straight we will call me Brandy, my nick name, which is usually followed by "fetch another round". So Lenard and Sally attempt to bluff Slick but Dawn accidently trips on the rug and uncover the trap door. Slick asks the owners if they mind if he looks down there, they say find in a mean tone, so he wants Leonard to go first. Lenard balks at this and refuses to go. Distrustful the sheriff hesitates, so Dawn decides to go check and comes face to face with the hunchback. He asks her why she has been following him and she says all she wanted was to buy him a drink. He says don’t tell on him and he will drink with her later. Dawn considers this and says no, too late and calls up to Slick I found him. Lenard says I have no idea how he got down there. Slick says really he sneaked down in your basement, which has no windows or outside access. Then the rug managed to cover the trap door all by itself? Lenard has no answer for this question. Humphrey, the humpbacks nickname draws a sword and attacks Dawn. She in turn draws her knife and the two fight, as Slick comes down the stairs. Slick orders him to surrender, which he says no. Then after two more attempts to get rid of Dawn she injures him and he surrenders. Slick binds his hands and takes him to jail. They let Lenard and Sally off this time as they want to question Humphrey on his crime and accomplice. They proceed outside the front door and hand hump off to the deputy Fife. Slick tells the rest of his impromptu posse to go home. A dejected Brandy wonders what now, she probity lost her job and for such a small adventure with no pot of gold at the end. Dawn however speaks up and gets Brandy her job back as they all go back to their routine. All of them, except the reporter who hides in the safe house looking for clues. He gets found and chased off, returning to his paper to pre-write the story headlines. However when he wakes up the story is gone and a message to drop it is in place. Each of the others people are also awaken to receive the same message. The sheriff warns the nightly visitor he will hunt them down and it is they who should be warned not to fight against the law. The deputy has posted assigned watches to junior officers for the night, but he awakes the next day to find the prisoner gone and a guard named Sith who claims he never left his post but has no idea how Hump escaped. Miracle returns home to discover his sister is missing, files complain with sheriff and Slick is very unhappy things are happening in his precinct. He asks the Army for 100 men to clear out some trash, they base captain say he can spare only ten men otherwise it would be considered marshal law and he is not willing to do that. Slick doesn’t like this and petitions the king. Meanwhile the deputy Fife discovers there are a lot of weird stuff being taken, and not stuff of high value but spices herbs, and plain kitchen utensils. Although the crimes of a dismemberment of a hand, and disappearance of Marvelous seem to be the exception the all seem related. Dawn puts out some feelers and discovers that the backers of the crimes have an arcane purpose. With all of his deputies busy with normal crimes and no army support, will Slick and his loyal deputy Fife have to hire an elite task force to handle this outbreak? Maybe he can use a relic expert like the Librarian Zippo. Perhaps he needs the skills of a tracker and musician Trake and cartography skills of the barmaid Sally with some magical knowledge. Then there is the faith clairvoyance of the reformed crook Dawn who has already assisted him in this matter. Will Mona’s insight of the customers in the area, allow her to gain information from those that don’t want to be exposed. Will he need the hunter skills of a forest woodsman who will be driven to find his missing sister anyway? Their best clue, find a three story house with red trim. There are only a few and Slick thinks he knows which one Dawns contact refers towards. So our reluctant team is on the case. Plus how do you keep the newshound Richard from writing a blazing story of a case that needs to be handled quietly, so the suspect don’t disappear. Do you file a restraining order or hire him and put him on oath under secrecy?

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