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I found the lovely quotes from each species regarding the others. Nothing more than a little fun here, to give a little deeper idea of what to expect from each species.


Humans are unique among the inhabitants of Alryx physically for their five-fingered hands. They vary widely in hair, eye and skin color, size, and attitudes. Humans came to Alryx from Earth over six hundred years ago when a portal opened between the two worlds. They brought with them livestock, pets, and varied plants and settled the new land as humans do so readily. The portal remained open for nine years then closed abruptly, sealing off the recent settlers from returning home.

“These people are fascinating in their diversity. Some are warlike, some are intellectuals, and some are artists or philosophers. What is interesting is that these castes are so intermingled, often in the same family group – sometimes within the same individual. You have to stay on your toes with humans.” – Peltros, elven diplomat

“These things have an interesting odor. Like a burning dog. Have to admit, though, they’re strong –“
“- smelling!”
Derkle and Bors, brownie explorers

“Their phylum appears to be a descendant of a much stronger, hairier species. Their proliferation is a testament to their strength in diversity. Alas, their very diverse nature is overwhelmed by the primitive rule of might being right. There is hope for much of the species for a force of intellect and peace, however.” Ch’l’kay, da’chk scientist

“Tall invaders took our land and profited from it! I hates humanses, cause they don’t give us payment for our helps! Now we give them our work and they pays us good. Not so bad I guess, but they are ugly.” – Kerb, lizarrd laborer

“Very clumsy folk. Can hear them coming for miles. They’re loud and don’t know how to properly hide themselves. Lumbering beasts is what they are. It’s why they haven’t been invited to join the Council, I’m sure. They have no sense of nature.” – Dalreen, gnome gardener

“Taste somewhat gamey.” – Maul, slith hunter

“They’re so fun to play with! They act to funny when they get pranked, I never tire of it! Also, a little glamour and they’re apt to do anything you ask of them. I’m glad they’re around!” – Quirkle, sprite entertainer

“Hmm… Good folk. I don’t think the elves get it. They’re a hard-working folk, though often lacking purpose. Give them a chance, I say.” – ‘Gray’, centaur teacher

“The humans’ history says that we were replaced by them on their world. How can that be? They are so slow, and soft! Maybe their odor drove us away.” – Klent, saurian historian


Gnomes live deep in the forests, secluded from the majority of society as a whole. They are a peaceful and private people, but on occasion have business with other sylvan species, such as elves and sprites. Considering they enjoy the same sort of climate, they often live in the same lands, and are one of the five governing species of Lairenore. Some gnomes, however, are much more sociable, and take up life in human cities. Often, they can be found wearing the traditional red, pointed cap. They are about half the height of the average human, but have very large noses, about the size and shape of a potato. Their skin is a deep, ruddy brown color, though surprisingly smooth in complexion. The men often grow beards, but do not grow mustaches. Gnomes are among the oldest species on Alryx, their origin long lost through the ages. They likely came through as most races do, through a portal to their world, though any records of this planet have been long lost.

“Oh, those guys are so stoic and shy. Like something’s going to just walk by and eat them! Paranoid to the extreme. You would think, being so shy, they would think better of wearing those awful hats!” Derkle, brownie explorer

“Ahh, a very peaceful species. So peaceful as to put you to sleep! Unobtrusive is what they are though. Quiet, and boring. They’re in touch with the earth, though. That’s a very good thing.” – Wendelay, centaur debutante

“Gnomes are nice folk. They love being in the ground, which is wise and admirable. They smell like dirt, which helps them stay hidden. Their knowledge of the earth is vast. Their knowledge of anything else? Not so much.” Che’ko, da’chk hive watcher

“I suppose they need to be a part of the council. They make good watchers. They’re odd looking though. Homely, if you ask me. Still, they’re solid allies, with the same goals.” Nelisong, elf researcher

“How they can be so quiet and hard to find! About as fun as a soaked mattress. Fantastic gardeners, though!” – Derrick, human student

“For monkey-types, they’re not so bad. It’s nice not to see them much.” – Lasster, lizarrd explorer

“To connect with the earth is divine! Clever little creatures, though they dress horribly.” – Chirta, saurian shaman

“Tougher than they look, but then they’d have to be. I don’t see how one of them could survive outside of their protective forest, though.” – Slayer, slith hunter

“Gnomes? Can’t we talk about something a little more exciting? Like watching trees grow?” – Kryssa, sprite spy


Elves are reclusive creatures that stand about 4 to 4 1/2 feet in height. They consider themselves forest guardians, though many have been known to live in cities. Most elven cities are grown into the treetops of ancient forests, especially around Lairenore, where they are considered the dominant species. They are lithe and graceful, and rely more on quickness and stealth than on brute strength. Elves have a slightly greenish tint to their skin that darkens to a light brown in the colder months. Elves are one of the oldest species on Alryx, and have adapted through the countless centuries to life here. They are the founders of Lairenore, a region run by the most elder species of Alryx.

“Yeah, they’re large and in charge! At least when everyone’s looking. Not so bad, really, except they’re all too self-important. Gets old after a while, you know?” – Horace, brownie cook

“I’m glad they took over the reins of leadership in Lairenore. Lets the rest of us actually do what needs to be done to make it better – defending the land, diplomacy, that kind of thing.” – Dorian, centaur scientist

“A delight among the soft-skins. Elves are long-lived, which gives them the wisdom of ages. They also have a clever sense of humor, for the most part. An alliance would benefit both elf and da’chk.” – K-kir-eet, da’chk diplomat

“Sure, the council of nature is equally represented. Yes, we all have the same weight when deciding policies. No, elves don’t take the majority of decisions for their own and shove it down our throats. The elves are SO wonderful. Everyone is very happy with them being on the council. Yadda yadda yadda…” – Gregor, gnome council member

“Why do elves have to be so damned good looking, and so hard to get along with? Honestly! It’s like they’re put here to tease us with their superior beauty, superior brains, superior everything. They have a superior ego, for sure.” – Randolph, human bard

“Elves stay in forested area, we stay in arid lands. It works out well that way.” – Quint, lizarrd mage

“Nature-bound and adept in the wilds. I like the elves for their sly hunting ability and smooth agility.” – Krella, saurian hunter

“Keep them away from us, and we’ll stay away from them. Not that they could survive the desert, anyway. They don’t have the constitution for it.” – Winder, slith bandit

“They know how to have fun! Just not often enough. They always seem concerned with the world outside of the Land. I’m glad they’re here and all, and for a species, they’re pretty easy to get along with.” – Avee, sprite magician


Northern Centaurs value the importance of education and conservation. They are the teachers of how to live within their surroundings, preferring to educate rather than fight. Southern Centaurs, on the other hand, are quite eager to fight for what they believe in. Fierce environmentalists, they will drive out any disruptive peoples from their homeland if they are caught harming it in any way. Centaurs have been here a few centuries longer than humans have. Their original world was very earth-like, and several visited Earth when the human’s portal was still active.

“Odd creatures, centaurs. They’re too big, firstly. How do they find enough to eat? And climbing? They can’t do it. Swimming? Forget it. They’re just big powerhouses. And their determination? They have enough to choke a hor- never mind.” – Rangle, brownie sage

“A noble species. They have their hearts in the right place,, but they are often too violent for my taste. Still, I suppose it is good to have some power behind your convictions. Would never survive underground, though. Standing on those toenails all the time must make it difficult to traverse obstacles like steps.” – La-kree, da’chk philosopher

“Our noble brethren are always welcome in our lands! The preservation of nature is indeed a noble cause, whether it is fought for or professed.” – Keltra, elf hunter

“They got the butt of a horse, and the stubbornness of a donkey! And they’re so loud! There is no subtle with a centaur, I don’t believe.” – Fredrick, gnome hunter

“I hear the centaurs were the first to welcome us when we portalled over from the old world. Sure would have been nice if they would have told us it was a one-way journey. They may be smart and all, but they hold their secrets! Can’t say that I trust them.” – Anthony, human merchant

“I likes the centaurses. They is good people. Strong. Treat us nice. They lives on the plains like lizarrds! Defend the land from evils. Big poops though. Nasty stuff.” – Dug, lizarrd gatherer

“Good hunters, but not subtle. Just raw power. They are good, though, I think, because they conserve, and preserve the wilds for what they should be. It is hard to stalk with them, for they do not stalk.” – Chaylee, saurian messenger

“I do not like them. Enemies of our people, think we’re evil. Thankfully they stay out of our deserts.” – Bonecrush, slith sage

“Haha! Big horse people! They’re so hard to rile up! I like their calm nature sometimes, but they are so odd. Do they even know the meaning of ‘party’?” – Weber, sprite entertainer


Sprites are about the size of a Sprite can. They can fly, too! Considered Diminutive in size, they get all the benefits of being so small, as well as the penalties. Sprites arrived from the same world as the Elves. They generally don’t have the minds for leadership however, so they let the elves construct their government, just as they did in their original planet. Sprites are flighty and care little for politics and the affairs of other species, though they do hold a chair on the council of Lairenore.

“Flighty. Pun intended. I imagine that sprites are to brownies what elves are to humans. Except elves can’t fly. And aren’t as fun-loving. Oh, and sprites are more magical. And they respect us more. Hmm…” – Trent, brownie sage

“Hmm… Like flies, if flies liked to play tricks on you. Sprites can be frustrating. I believe if it weren’t for their ability to be great messengers, they would not hold a seat on the council – nor would they much care. I’ve met a few that could hold a decent conversation for more than five minutes.” – Loren, centaur cook

“An anomaly of nature, I believe. How could a species evolve into a magical, flying, tiny biped while still retaining more than animal intelligence? Fascinating in moderation.” – La-kree, da’chk philosopher

“Felelera knows why sprites are so chaotic. Perhaps it is to teach us patience, or show us how too much seriousness is not productive. Or maybe they were put here so we could work together as a strengthened alliance between elf and sprite. Most likely though, they were put here to annoy us.” – Aliendor, elf hunter

“Emanations of the earth’s humor itself. They represent the frivolous aspect of the earth – perhaps that is why they are so small. The earth is a solemn place, and flightiness must be expelled, like magma.” - Valari, gnome gardener

“Sprites are, like, little people with wings, right? Like, dolls, ‘cause they’re so perfect-looking, right? I mean, sure they’re small, but they make up for it by how they sneak around and stuff., ya’know?” – Stan, human apprentice

“Wee people annoy lizarrd-folk. Annoy everyone. They is fine in little bits, but too much gets on nerves.” – Dug, lizarrd gatherer

“We used to hunt them as snacks. Taste pretty good. But that was before we understood that they could think. Then, hunting became more fun.” – Grrak-kul, saurian hunter

“I like to smash them under rocks. Watching them squirm as I pluck out their wings is fun. They scream like little birds.” – Red Eye, slith guard


Slith are snake-men. They have the body of a snake, with some shared features of a humanoid, including arms. Slith have true heat vision, unaffected by sunlight. Most people will attack Slith on sight, considering them monsters. This is not far from the truth, as Slith are notorious bandits. ‘Civilized’ Slith are quite rare. A relative newcomer to Alryx, Slith gravitated to the warm desert realms, feeling more at home in an environment similar to their own, original world. Constructing an organized society has been difficult for the Slith, for the first settlers from their world were actually outcasts, sent into the portal to their world for criminal activity. Four centuries of living on Alryx has tempered their volatile natures, somewhat.

“They’re monsters, I tell ya! Evil, slithering brutes! They’re not an intelligent species that deserve their own society, they’re cruel, vicious beasts!” – Doyle, brownie slith-raid victim

“I’m sure they could harbor a few civilized members from their society, but all in all, they have issues with restraining their past behaviors as bandits and thugs. It’s likely best to stay away from them and worry about our own lands’ well-being.” – Hondo, centaur teacher answering a student’s inquiry

“Physical strength does not make a species strong. Structured society, thoughtful design and respect for other intelligent species create true strength in a people. The slith do not seem to share this sentiment.” – Ch!tay, da’chk construction worker

“Bah! Slith are fine where they are – in the desert! I’ve never really met one who wasn’t coming after me violently. I don’t like them, and they deserve what they got!” Relinor, elf thief, after a raid on a slith temple

“Don’t ask me about them. They’re cruel and terrible! They eat children, and destroy everything in their path! That’s what I heard, anyway. I hope I never have to meet one…” – Doris, gnome jeweller

“Sure they have a violent past. But didn’t we all, at some point? I think we should give them a chance to prove themselves.” – Kelly, human peace activist

“Slith not so bad. Swallow food whole is gross, though. But they big and strong. Could make good allies.” – Bongo, lizarrd strategist

“Alas, the slith are hunters. This I can respect. They just need to learn not to hunt other sentients. Need to discriminate between food and friends.” – Chay-nee, saurian shaman

“Oh, the snake-men are boring. No sense of humor, and couldn’t laugh or smile if they did! They don’t have any sense of entertainment style! Frustrating, mostly. Give me a proper audience!” – Whistle-pop, sprite entertainer


Saurians belong to a species of dinosaur that has evolved intelligence beyond the rest of their brethren. They are bipedal omnivores that resemble the (Troodon) Ornithomimus, though they can manipulate better with their hands. Saurians speak in a unique language consisting of whistles, hisses and chirps that sound much like a bird. They can communicate over large distances with this language, as they have very powerful voices. This language has many subtle nuances that are difficult to break apart to the untrained ear. Saurians are actually members of an ancient race that evolved from dinosaurs on Earth. Though still not as evolved as humans, they still possess an organized intelligence that has allowed them to survive the ever-changing nature of the Alryx landscape. As dinosaurs, they entered a chance portal millions of years ago, entering another ecosystem on a planet the Saurians call Ch’kallay. There, they evolved into the predominant intelligent species, much as humans did on Earth. Only in the last two hundred years have the Saurians come across to Alryx. Saurian shamans prophesize of the portal re-opening and allowing them to return to their home world once again.

“Those things are scary! I’m used to being able to out-pace the large ones and outsmart them, but I’ve seen a saurian snatch a sprite right out of the air in mid-flight! They’re too fast and sharp-toothed for my preference.” – Terlie, brownie explorer

“As dangerous as they are primal. These saurians are a potential danger to everyone. Thankfully, they are generally inclined to want to protect the land, and have at least enough sense to communicate. Get one angry, though, and I doubt there is a sufficient force enough to stop a raging pack of them.” – Penelope, centaur teacher

“Savage and strong, but about as smart as a bird. I suppose it would be a good thing to ally with them, though I fear their nature is just too volatile.” – K-k-krrt, da’chk warrior

“The saurians? What a hunting partner they make! I have had the privilege of hunting with a few saurians in the past, and I must say, they know their way around a forest!. I was anticipating a savage brute, but instead was treated to a brilliant strategist.” – Delenei, elven hunter

“Hmm… Not thinking I want to meet one. No sir.” – Greely, gnome baker

“I think – I say – I think they’d be a fine to hang out with, but for their likeness to scaly dinos. I mean they’re nice folk, but about as sharp as a bag of wet mice.” – Jed, human bartender

“Big lizards, fast, with sharp bits! We likes… Teach lizarrdses how to hunt, yes? Just don’t eat us too many!” – Joey, lizarrd scout

“Once they have been sliced, they are good to eat. Can not surprise them!” – Monty, slith strategist

“Well, you know you gotta fly higher when they’re around, but they are just as easy to harass. They get so angry! It’s fun to watch – from a distance.” – Nimple, sprite assassin


A short kind of plains-dwelling lizard folk, these disagreeable creatures have very long fangs, about 6 inches long, that they use for displays of power. They build huts out of mud and grass, and hunt in groups to bring down prey. They are especially proficient in bludgeoning weapons. They have small tails that show no function outside of mating rituals, and perhaps aid in balance a bit. Lizarrds are one of the few intelligent species that actually evolved naturally on Alryx. As such, they have the ability to communicate with animals, though their social skills are such that it is unlikely any animal would actually listen to what the lizarrd has to say.

“They need to teach these things some manners! They don’t seem to have any sense between a morally good or bad idea. Also, they’re primitive. Gads, I’d rather talk to rocks.” – Bethena, brownie tailor

“Being a creature of the earth, I’m supposed to say I respect them… But for Zevis’ sake, they have the organization ability of a swarm of gnats! Get them all thinking in the same direction and you might have a cohesive force in the world, but for that kind of frustration, I think I’d rather face my challenges solo…” – Terlene, centaur cleric

“The Lizarrds are an interesting breed. Rather primitive in their thought processes, but they’re working on it. Those fangs are quite vicious-looking, though I’ve yet to see one of their kind use them to any degree. Perhaps they’re used for looks, much like the hair on the mammalian bipeds.” – Chk-lee, da’chk metal smith

“You just have to shake your head and sigh… These things are just too easy to outsmart. Interestingly though, that is also what makes them such a challenge. They’re stubborn and a little shy of intelligent. That can be dangerous, especially in numbers. It’s best just to let them be. They’re harmless enough unless provoked.” – Quendaline, elf gambler

“Lizarrds are seen as a joke by many, but I believe there is something more to them than most can see… Sure, they are simple folk, kind of violent, and adhere to the ‘might makes right’ philosophy, but I sense something… more.” – Maude, gnome seer

“Hmm. Little guys? Look like fanged lizards? Yeah, I faced ‘em before. Vicious little snots. Tenacious. I gotta give ‘em credit for their perseverance, though there is a fine line between heroic and foolhardy. Not sure where that line lies with them. We don’t have to pay them much mind, though. They’re pretty harmless.” – Captain Gregor Kellis, human soldier

“They have mighty fangs and claws, but don’t use them! They have numbers, but don’t work together! They have ability for stealth but choose to make such noise! I think they are a troubled offshoot of a finer species, a bloodline that would have surely met its demise had it not been coddled by the agrarian environment in which they have lived for so long. The farming lifestyle has made them soft. They are an insult to sentient species.” – Pree-lan, saurian historian

“Fellow desert folk are good to have around. They can fight to defend the land, hunt for their meals, and are not so needy of water like the mammalian-types. That, and they don’t taste too bad in a pinch.” – Hard Tack, slith counselor

“Lizarrds are the best! Of all the species, they get the most annoyed! Getting one angry is fun, watching them get all bent out of shape over nothing. They’ll jump like squirrels trying to get to you! Hahaha! It’s fun!” Fleenor, sprite artist, just before being knocked out of the air by a lizarrd sling stone


Brownies are very small humanoids, about a foot tall, with frazzled brown hair, brown eyes, brown skin… you get the idea. They live in vast villages that are integrated into the forest and can be hidden from view in a moment’s notice. They often show more courage than they have, for they are proud to be who they are. This often gets individuals in trouble. Brownies are one of the older species of Alryx, having come across from the elves’ home world. They are one of the five governing bodies in Lairenore. Generally, a brownie doesn’t take life too seriously, though they’re not quite as flighty as sprites.

“Despite their small stature, the brownies add a good deal to the council. They don’t think like the other species, taking things from such an interesting perspective. They might be looked down upon by other, larger species, but that is a mistake, for they see things in a way the rest of us are unable.” – Victor, centaur noble

“Mouse hunters. That’s what my clutch-mates call them. Tiny little warriors. For mammals, they’re not so bad, though I would caution not to upset them. They don’t really get all that dangerous, but getting them to be quiet… That’s a challenge!” – Klee-dek, da’chk burrower

“Brownies have their place. Good spies, and they can make pretty good traps. I believe they have the minds for it because of their small stature. You can’t really face the larger species one-on-one physically, so they have had to become adept at either staying hidden, or charismatic. It’s fairly obvious which way they chose to go.” – Elion, elf diplomat

“The brownies can be a nuisance, but they can also be a delight. Entertainers, they are unrivaled in their ability to weave a good tale, at least in my experience. This is good in the right place, but when the occasion is solemn, it can be hard to reel in their chaotic natures.” – Tranda, gnome acolyte of Domah

“I knew a brownie once. He was a good friend. He used to be a cook at the Wild Boar Tavern. Made the best roasted potatoes in all of Averton. One day the tavern hired a new assistant, and the clumsy oaf wasn’t paying any attention, and dropped a 50 pound bag of flower on him. He wasn’t discovered for days. I still miss him…” – Xavier, human shop owner

“Little brown people think they mighty. I don’t think they mighty. I think they annoying. Want to have quiet night with stars, little brown people talk all the time. I want to squish them. Maybe if they shut up, we can be friends.” – Yorel, lizarrd astrologer

“Brownies are good at not being seen. I have trouble finding them, sometimes. They don’t even smell like anything different. They make wonderful scouts, and from what I understand, pretty good trap-makers.” – Creeda, saurian pathfinder, said while hanging upside down from a sprung rope trap.

“In this way, humans think like us. We love the taste of brownies! They speak of baking them first, adding other ingredients. Maybe we could try them in a quiche, though I just like them raw and squirming.” – Thump, slith ambassador

“I dated a brownie once! He was so tall, and handsome… It never really worked out though. He just didn’t understand the proper courtship rituals. My father wouldn’t allow it, anyway. Honestly, I still miss him…” – Glindia, sprite novellist


Da’chk resemble large bugs. Although they learn languages as easily as other species, they have difficulty in speaking them, because of their different facial structure. Da’chk entered the portal into Alryx about five centuries ago. A naturally diplomatic and intelligent species, the Da’chk immediately started negotiations for carving out their own niche in the surrounding lands, namely the Cander region. They were so successful in their efforts that the Da’chk nation of Tangan, though only a few centuries old, is one of the most peaceful nations on Alryx. Cander’s political temperament has improved considerably from Tangan influence, and is known as the most easy-going nation outside of Tangan itself. Da’chk cities are generally dug underground, with the only surface indication of a city being the air vents and occasional hidden entrance. Da’chk have compound eyes that allow them a very wide field of vision, nearly 360 degrees. Conversely, they do not see detail very well and, not being able to blink as other species can, are a little more susceptible to light based effects. While Da’chk vision isn’t better than human vision, da’chk have a pair on antennae atop their heads which allow them the sense of smell, and allow them to detect subtle movements in the air, giving them a sense of their immediate surroundings. It is little effort for a da’chk to determine the direction of the wind, no matter how subtle. This sense does not allow a Da’chk to detect things at any distance past a few feet, though it does sense fine detail about close objects, compensating for their vision, somewhat.

“Look, I have trouble with regular insects. For the most part though, we brownies outsize and outsmart insects enough to where they don’t pose a real threat. The da’chk, though…”
“Yeah, they really ‘bug’ us!” – Derkle and Bors, brownie explorers

“A finer set of friends one could not hope to ask for. Intelligent and kind, the da’chk are a delight to share ideas with! Their lot is filled with scientists and philosophers.” – Reytham, centaur playwright

“The mere presence of these alien beings tells me what I have suspected is true: that the whole planet is a great experiement of the universe. How could such an alien creature come about naturally on this planet? And why have we not heard of any evidence of them before 500 years ago? Extra-terrestrials is what they are.” – Karella, elf student of philosophy

“I would love to get to know these people better. I understand that they live inside the earth, protect it, and have analytical minds. Perhaps we could learn a thing or two from them.” – Willow, gnome activist

“They give me the creeps, I tell ya! Who wants to talk to a giant cockroach, anyway? Imagine them, swarming all around their hives… Eaugh!” – Joe, human landlord

“They look down on us, I know they do. Can’t tell what they’re thinking, ‘cause they got no way to express themselves. Just big, clicky bugs. I hates bugs.” – Horace, lizarrd construction worker

“They are more think than do.” – Crissssa, saurian shaman

“You know, there is not much difference between them and sea crabs. These da’chk are easier to find though. Granted, because they are intelligent, they eventually seek vengeance.” – Maul, slith warrior

“I love the way their eyes reflect a thousand different directions! Pretty! Smart folk, too.” – Nerrai, sprite cartographer and artist

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