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Post  Nerethel on Thu Sep 15, 2011 4:49 pm

So, instead of posting all the rules for magic here, I will list the skills and a bit about deities here.

Faith - - - The main attribute to call power from a deity
- Calling - - The ability to call divine effects
- - Preach - The ability to read and use the words of a deity
- - Creation - The ability to call power at that moment
- Sanctify - - The ability to put spiritual energy into something inanimate
- - The Word - Write down the word of a deity
- - Alchemy - Create a potion that will release the spiritual energy when drunk
- - Empower - Put a spiritual effect into an item that discharges when used

Arcane - - - The main attribute to cast mystic effects
- Casting - - The ability to create magical effects
- - Enchantment - Change something physical
- - Sorcery - Damage or heal
- - Portal - Open portals or summon
- - Time - Sense things from across time and distance
- - Mind - Control thoughts
- - Spirit - Deal with the dead
- - Force - Do things from a distance
- - Comprehension - The ability to read and use a spell formula
- Infuse - - The ability to put magical energy into something inanimate
- - Scribe - Write down a spell formula
- - Alchemy - Create a potion that will release the magical spell when drunk

Faith, as can be seen, does not use the specializations seen under Casting. Rather, each deity has restrictions on which schools of magic may be used freely, in addition to the intention of the faithful.

Posting tables here is a pain, so suffice to say that, each deity has two schools from which they can grant their followers use of their full Faith - Calling - Creation. There are two schools the follower can only use their Faith - Calling (no specialization), and two schools the follower can only use Faith (no skill or specialization added in). Finally, there are two schools that the follower can not use, no matter what the need or desire.

I will bring hard copy of all this Saturday.

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