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Post  steven_h_d on Wed Aug 24, 2011 7:43 am

Sally Temprest Devine grew up in a large city, where rich nobles and fair ladies danced in splendid court rooms. Sally helped her mother clean up, the kitchen at the family tavern. See Sally wasn’t rich, didn’t get to attend the ball in a gorgeous gown and slippers. No fairy godmother, or dashing prince came to rescue her. Oh the men paid attention to her when drunk and disorderly. So she learned to use illusions to escape their grasp, that and her mother’s frying pan. Later Sally was the cook assistant, but still practiced her illusions working the county fair for extra coins. While she could cook, her passion was making maps from the description of travelers. Often dreaming of a time she might run away on an adventure of her own, leaving the dishes to one of her younger step-sisters. See Sally’s father had been an adventure, but he was long gone having never returned from the last trip. Neither did any of those who went with him. The others girls fathers, had disappeared the old fashion way, by skipping out of town. When travel at the Inn was light, Sally would spend some time at her booth drawing maps. She could copy a map that was wearing out or even make one from the tale’s from people’s travels. She knew how to ask questions to make the map accurate, a skill easy to pick up at a tavern. Most of the men where only too glad, to talk about themselves. Talk to a pretty lass, after a few beers. The maps were so good most people wanted to buy them, so they could find their way back. She would make a copy from memory and add to her knowledge, for the next map. Together between all of her maps she had a good idea of the area around her. Even places where a portal or two might be located. Mamma, worked her hard during the day keeping the Inn going. Then saw to her three daughters, all of whom helped in the Inn. You worked or you didn’t eat, was Mamma’s motto. Several times Sally slipped food to the youngest sister who was often too sick to work. Twice offers had been made for Momma to sell Sally or Terra (second oldest) as a house servant. So far Mamma had been able to say no, she needed them to work for her. When winter came and travel was slow, then times got hard and food for the four of them sparse. Even growing their crops and herbs in a small field only helped so much to fend off hunger. At those times Sally skill at illusion became a way to make pies and food disappear from some manor and reappear at the Inn for the supper. So far she had not been caught, but a couple of close call. She managed to beguile the men into letting her go and planting the idea nothing was stolen after all.
Today however is different, because she has her bedroll, cloak, backpack, map case, bow and the sword her father left. Today she is starting her adventure, because last night she heard mamma talking to marry her to a mid-aged noble for several SP, since she wasn’t a young girl anymore. The noble had seven kids to look after and his second wife had mysteriously vanished. Sally planned on vanishing too, only by her own. So filling the waterskin at the well, she set out on the road.

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