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Post  Zandar on Wed Aug 03, 2011 1:32 pm

Hello, Let me start with my name. I am Violet. Yes like the color. I have been and always will be a storyteller. I have gain a few unique tells in my time.
I was raised by gnome's. So you might say i have a great view on life.See my child's i was left for dead as a kid. On a trip over a mountain pass a storm stuck.
Now i do not blame the human's for what they did. That is not my job. She will judge them, I will carry out her commands.So in this storm the basket for with i
resided was hurried to a safe spot among a rock over hang. They returned to stable the wagon and mounts. Now this is a horrid tell mind you. A rock slide started.
I was covered in seconds. The birth parents amused i was dead and fled the area to save them self's. As things go she was watching over me. The rock slide was a accident
that was caused by my friends. As they watched in horror for something they did, They new they had to make right and bury the kid proper like. When the rubble was cleared.
The child was still alive and not hurt. The search for my birth parents went on for 17 year before they finally gave into the idea of lost cause.I love my family and always will.
They loved me as much as one of their own. I had more than one Father and Mum. I had 40+. And i am glad to say.

The story i am about to weave for you tonight. Is one of blood, Might and pure glory. For you see, Every good story had to begin someplace. This one? It starts with a string of fights.
Glory to the ones who made it out alive. The Battle of Mooner may I IIV. Ink me Red XXII. Jingle diggle III. Shed me Vash VI. Who let the Gnome out I. This the parking Lot XXX.

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Post  DM on Thu Aug 04, 2011 9:24 am

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