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Post  Nerethel on Fri Jun 17, 2011 6:55 pm

Just some thoughts I have about gaming in general. Read if you like, but it's just a bit of an observation/rant...

There is a trifecta of gaming aspects that all contribute to the enjoyment of the group activity we like to call table-top gaming. These three aspects all give a different but necessary element to a game to bring enjoyment to everyone. These aspects are 1) Action, 2) Plot, and 3) Character.

Each of these aspects also holds a continuum for how they are portrayed, from lightly touching to deeply delving into them. Where the balance lies between all these factors, I believe, contributes to an individual’s enjoyment of the experience.

Action is the process of doing things. It is anything from task resolution to combat, but there is always something happening. Combat is the most common example, and likely the one action people most associate with gaming. The continuum for Action lies between furious, roll the die to defeat the bad guy and go on one end of the spectrum, and the methodical, minute calculations made to determine the exact result of every swing of the axe or every firing of the gun on the other.

Plot is what drives the characters to doing things. It is the reason all the action takes place. This also runs the spectrum from lightly going from one place to the next to keep the action going, to intricate twists and turns that keep the players on their toes and wondering the direction that will come about next as a result of their actions.

Character is who participates in the game. It provides (in theory) why the characters want or need to take part in the plot and take action. The spectrum here runs from giving your character a name, gender, race and profession and going, to mapping out all of his feelings, beliefs, desires and motivations. There is also the mental and physical details of a character that can be equally fleshed out.

The exact mix of these aspects and the depth of their utilization are unique to each player, and this is one way it is difficult to find a gaming group that is compatable in the long term. Not only is gaming a hobby that does not have a large participation percentage, but for those few who can find each other with the same schedules and aspects they enjoy can be a real challenge.


Where do I fit in this? I am one who really enjoys all aspects, but what really gets me going is Character. I love making a character with some cool powers and stuff, but finding their motivations, delving into their psyche, and determining what really makes them unique gives me great joy. I like action - fighting bad guys is fun! - but it's somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. I also like plot. Heck, I need it to make things go! It's also somewhere in the middle of the spectrum. I like moderate action that isn't too simple or complex, and I also like a good plot that isn't too light nor so deep that I lose track of details between sessions. But Character? I could add details to a character all day, if the game is one that promotes that kind of play! I think it is the most fun part to explore.

What about you?

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Gaming thoughts Empty 1)Action, 2) Plot, and 3) Character.

Post  steven_h_d on Fri Jun 17, 2011 10:16 pm

Speaking only for myself (Shocking as that is) I do enjoy the character part of the game. Often making up the background and during the game consider it as to how to react.
If invited to take part in a arena match (see Gathorne midnight campaign) he had to decide if facing an orc for entertainment was something a Dorn (former slave) was willing to do, then decide if saving a friend (Mico) from the fight in the dwarven kingdom was worth the sorcerer Honor. (IE Death before dishonor)
Only after seeing the reaction of the dwarven host did he decide it was ok to jump in and stop the battle.

When I used to play as DM, after the characters were made I would attempt when possible to incorporate their background into how they met up. Mostly cause it made for a fun, if not silly story on how a dwarf, moon-elf (pretender), 3 humans, a goliath, minotaur and a halfling in Dark Sun ever worked together without mistrust issues. (There is a joke in there somewhere)

several of us while making up our stable of three (or nine) made backgrounds and since we knew a bit on the starting point tried to include how we got to Tyr and why willing to join a caravan. Mostly it beat starving?

My drow (moon-elf) is on the run from a rival house, hiding above ground. Her goal is to become a house elite above ground and raise an army to take back her house in the underworld. Now that may take a while. Meanwhile a primal has given her a gift she believes is from her long lost God Loth as to how she uses primal power to be a cleric. So there is the cleric/Avenger (Confessor) class she plays. Now since she is a drow, each action she has to ask what is in it for her? Compassion is not a strong point, but to survive the desert and gain position she currently needs her companions. Just don't be surprised if later on she throws you under a inix (buss). lol

Others to watch are Ms Pell is she a Templar or not?
"i shall one day find and return my king to the throne of power and take my place at his side"
Tarnel - looking to restore the land?
"To do the most good however, he would have to travel the land. And make sure it was well taken care of."

Now Morugh, Soldier, Lex, B'tor maybe they are just attempting to survive.
Or are they?
"My father trained me to lead troops for the Sorcerer King's Army. " -Morugh

But look at the Role Play Forum and under backgrounds, some of us posted what we are suppose to be motivated by. Others, well LeLouche is well ... a
All in all a good question.

Hope this helps, sleep well, just not around the drow. *^*


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Post  Boomer on Fri Jun 24, 2011 10:57 am

I would say I like the action and plot the most. I like making a toon, but sometimes coming up with a "background" is something I struggle to do. I like action, but not just straight fighting action. I also like it when we have a plot or story line we are following. Since D&D has evolved and I haven't kept up with the updates I am a bit rusty. I like the fact the game has changed some. I will be honest keeping up with the action, minor, move and such gets a little confusing sometimes. Although I prefer the rules to be more specific then vague (I like the wording used in 4th ed rules).



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Gaming thoughts Empty Re: Gaming thoughts

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