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Post  Jerry on Mon Feb 21, 2011 11:07 pm

My great-grandfather was a great Orc leader and fought in the great wars that shattered this land. He fought against those trying to destroy the land, each other and all of us who were to come later. The elder who fought in those wars beside him, say I look like him and act so much like him, that it lifts their hearts and maybe some day, the land will start to heal.

I was sent to the desert as my ancestors would have sent me to the jungles. A test of survival. I came back stronger and with a new friend. A Giant Scorpion companion who fights with me and is almost part of me. We are bonded, but not like the bond that killed my great-grandfather. They say he could call up spirits from the very air and usually fought with a ghost-bear.

We have been fierce protectors of my people in the desert, but have moved on to bigger things. I feel as if we are being summoned to do something more important...

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