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Post  Jerry on Sat Feb 19, 2011 9:39 pm

I was raised by a loving father after my mother died of a mysterious wasting disease. HMy father trained me to lead troops for the Sorcerer King's Army. And I was "very promising" according to my father. I have a knack for it and can "feel out" the battle. He was happy my psychic training was joining with my battle training.

The key reason I am not still with him is because, he also had me educated about arcana. I can read/write/speak Draconic as part of that training. He wanted me to be able to tell when bad magic was around. Then, I found out about the truth behind the sorcerer king. My father made sure I saw it in person one time. It is burned in my mind forever. Then he explained about the bonding magic that held him prisoner to the king in a way.

So I left him as he expected and ended up here willing to travel and put my skills to use. I have found a good place to be. B'Tor accepts me and lets me help where I can. He is truly a giant teddy bear under that monstrously hard hide of his. Wink

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