The sims of joy. Mac Max.

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The sims of joy. Mac Max. Empty The sims of joy. Mac Max.

Post  Zandar on Fri Jan 07, 2011 3:54 am

When Mac Max does a show. The ladys buy it before the hit ..well hits the net. While my twin does dumpster meals. Max enjoy the life on the high. My face and body is my life. Not a scar to be found. Nor a hair out of place. Sweetnes is all i can say of the great Mac. Even Max gets bored. Mac have a hard line to my twin. We make life hard on the few who dare to make us the deal. JJ says he rather deal with Cam then the great one. Cases Max want are so top end that if something goes wrong the whole city could fall into the sea of hell.But mac never worry. for Mac is the great love of ladys. Max am the one they wish they could bed. I am Mac Max. Max have the body the face the moves. Mac am the full package. Mac takes the shadows and dances with it. Xam all he does is show two right feet.

If we get in a cluster . Mac just let go of the saddle and let my scared brother loose on them. Do i feel sorry Max got the good life and Cam just the brunt end of my shadow. No. He never wanted the spot light , Max did. He was the bully and brute, Mac has the brains and looks. He can use guns and tnt, Max can use the ladys and drive. Well all in all he is happy and Max is rich. Works for Mac.Hold on wall phone. Hello Mac Max, How can Mac help you. We done here pal? good door is over there get lost. Ladys lets talk when and where we going?

Mac Max.

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