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Post  steven_h_d on Wed Oct 20, 2010 3:05 pm

The Golsho Exalted Brotherhood of Cleric Involement Directive, GEDCID was started by a vision. In the vision it had the cleric return some of the Items that were removed from the great temple in Golsho during the first Age when the City was deserted. Why they all left the city is hardly recalled. But it is felt that by returning those Items, then the anger of the land will subside. To keep from being to forward the items are hidden within plain ordinary items, then placed in a bag of other items at least some worth stealing in order to prevent the true items from being discovered and removed.
Although some of the clerics know what items were in the dream, the common person and others are unaware of what it being taken to Golsho. The cleric who had the vision saw other things as well, some of them reason for the clerics he told it too, to decide not to take the quest themselves. So they came up with this request for members of the cities to join in the "service" so that all races and classes would be repersineted.

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