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Where is the best part to start the story of Krakd ... In the beginning, Krakd was born to a pair of dwarven artisans, sculptors actually. Exceptional sculptors, who plied a lucrative trade in <Whatever City the DM Wants>. It did not take long for Krakd's parents to consider/realize that there was something wrong with him. He didn't socialize with his peers, at even the earliest of age. He was ,from all outside appearance, content to just sit and "listen"/Daydream. This scared his family, they feared he was "Special". They took him to all the "experts" hoping that somebody could find a cure for whatever curse/illness effected him. To no avail. So, the best they could do was keep him close, and hope for a miracle.

One day while delivering a commissioned piece of art, some 10 foot statue of a templar (with some adjustments for ego), they had left him in the "work room". Upon there return they found him intently working with the tools of their trade on a smaller piece of stone. Thrilled for the small blessing, and the fact that he appeared to be enjoying himself, they let him sculpt as he saw fit. What kind of fanciful creature he crafted, his parents had no idea, it was small and appeared reptilian like the Dray, but had thinner limbs, its clothing was also nothing ever seen before, it was a combination of hide/leather and plates. It had a tongue like a lizard, and a menacing look to its eye. (Kobold statue, wearing leather/chain, armed with dagger and javelin). No matter how fanciful the statue, his parents where thrilled.

After that moment, Krakd opened up more, he split his time between "listening" and sculpting. While he was capable of commissioned sculpting he was far happier, bring out the fanciful creatures he find/saw in the stone. These unique statues/figures became quite the collectibles among the merchant houses, because they were so different and unique. So the family Knutt continued to prosper and all was good, but of course that couldn't last.

Some day early in his teenage years, he was getting his commission from an official of the city, and while surveying both the stone and the client. He had a vision/moment. He quickly turned to the client in a voice much older than his teen years asked the Templar. "Why is it that you make the stone cry? What has it ever done to you, but give you a place to walk, and walls for your castle, and a roof over your head. Someday the stone will require you to pay for your crimes and will you be ready?". The templar beat feet out trying to figure out what the hell had just happened, and where was the nearest guard, cause somebody had to shut the "boy" up.

Seeing the templar leave there business, as quickly as it did, the Knutts realized that there lives were over. So using an escape plan, that they had in place with various other merchant houses. Were able to liquidate all they own, and leave the town within the hour. They joined with the "outsiders" those that choose to live outside the realms of the city states. But this turned into a mixed blessing to the Knutts. Here they were required to pull there own weight, which wasn't an issue for the hearty family, but they also could practice there craft as they saw fit, not tied to the constraints of the Nobles or Templars. This is where Krakd lived his formative years, until he reached the age of adulthood.

After reaching adulthood, and preparing as best he could, he said good-bye to his family, and finally succumbed to the siren call of the world. And struck out.


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