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Post  steven_h_d on Wed Sep 22, 2010 1:29 pm

Rainie Steelmine background.
It started out simple enough, she wanted the boys to play with her at her games
so she convined them to join her. Then she convinned her parents to let her eat cookies whenever she wanted, and to stay up late. Since she was the daughter of the (minor) Nobel House, this seemed quite normal for her to get her way on things. As a teen this went, persauding people to follow her deisres. Then one day a Nobel from another town figured out she had a gift. When thier gifted neigotiator attempt to swing a deal in thier favor and failed. Instead of being graftful, the town became scared of her. Then the other nobel houses decided to get rid of this "Magic User", so they raised the fears of those around her, and she had to run. Even from her dear parents. She cried many nights on the trail avoiding anything that came by. She traveled alone for a few years, Then hungry one day she saw an old man living alone in a cave. He looked harmless so she asked him to share food with her. Then she tried to convine him to give her all the food. He smiled and said no I think not young lady. TRaining is what you need, I soon will pass from this life and have no one else to train so you WILL STAY and learn to harness you power. So she did, only he left this world before she mastered all the powers. Now she reads from his book, atempting to master more. For now she has moved from town to town, hiding her power unless she gets in trouble, again. Most men think she would be no trouble to capture, then they "think again".

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