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Post  steven_h_d on Wed Sep 22, 2010 1:27 pm

Oolagwen or Gwen trained as a young one to be a swordmaster and mage. Her tribe needed guards to protect the wagons travling into the larger towns to make deliveries to the nobels that "owned" thier village. Most of the hard farm work and protecting the village itself was done by the few men they had left after the last invasion.
So when a half-dead elf captian stumbled in to the village, he agreed to teach the young ones to gain healing and protection. The village was able to throw off the trackers and hide him. Thus gwen and her freinds learned to protect their friends. As the grew to know and as the elf learned to trust them her reveiled to some like Gwen he was part of the Veiled Allience. Gwen being one of the better students (and pretty) learned more about contacts and thier mission. When given the assginment to guard the wagons, and later lead the guard she looks for the contact. A tall half-elf with blond hair and bronzed skin, she can intimidate some men, other she just outfights if they try to grab her . . . cargo.

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