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Post  DM on Wed Sep 22, 2010 12:34 pm

Tarnal, whose name means Storm, spent his formative years like many Halflings, learning the ways of his ancestors, in Forest Ridge. Learning how to live off the land, to hear it talk, and how to give back. He excelled/focused on those lessons that focused on hunting, the land, and conquering fear.
He spent most of his play time. Pretending to be the great trophy hunter, nothing to big that he couldn’t take down with Axe, Hammer, or Bow. Marauders killed by the thousands. Giants single killed shot.

He was primed to be an hunter and provider for his people. It was his dream and he was good for it. Then he met Celvin and Hebbes.

Celvin and Hebbes are two Halfling guardian spirits, that decided that Tarnal could be so much more, and that the Land needed him more than his people did. They spent a lot of time, talking and coaxing the young Halfling to realize that his potential was even greater than he’d ever imagined. They did not ruin his gifts and put him on the path of shaman-hood. They nurtured his already present gifts and taught him how they could be boosted, and that spirits where everywhere, and they would aid him.

These spirit would aid him, as he would try to become a hero for Athas, and all they would ask in return is that … he always considered the land first. This was not a big change for the young Tarnal. This was the way he’d always lived his life. To do the most good however, he would have to travel the land. And make sure it was well taken care of.

So it was with his two guardians at his side, the he left Forest Ridge, and began to learn the lessons of the World, his World!.

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