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Post  steven_h_d on Sun Sep 12, 2010 8:53 pm

I am a long way from home. Home is where I will never return, I am a wanderer now. But I wish to look at my fellow dorn travelers again. This journey was forced on us, when Dwingal and I were chosen to lead the orcs away from our camp. Dang there were too many to kill them all. There is always more of them then us these days.
We joined a resistance group, who taught us a lot. Then we are sent to journey with this group to the elven forest. It is hard for a dorn to like others, suspect them all of turning us over to the dark ones. Specially the gnome, Oomion. He looks every part the shady businessman. The dwarven are good in a fight, and finding a way thru the mountain. Shabby and Gabby can heal us in battle.
Boomer and Mico shift forms so that kinda unnerving. Boomer only switch to wolf for attacks. Mico he shift sometimes to fool people. However we say they all alright, fight dark ones in many battles now. Last battle was a big one of undead fell. We almost lost Dwingal, Oomion and myself.
Mico freed me, and Oomion and Dwingal saved by priest. Funny thing was he no friend, we have to kill priest and assistance. Wonder who else is not really friend, there may be more than one plan going on here.
Well maybe elf queen can sort it out, she must be smart. Till then we watch them all, except Dwingal I can trust him. Maybe we find a good place for Dorn to live, although we likely not get to join them. We are both the hunter and the prey, lets see who catches whom and lives to hunt again.

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Post  steven_h_d on Wed Sep 22, 2010 6:05 pm

Where is the tribe of the dorn, where is our clan.
What has become of the proud warriors that lived in the northern mountians
Can our ansertors hear us and bring back the glory of old
What of the ancient city and rumors abroad
can the cure for this land be found there
or is the dorn and land doomed to fall and a new race of man to come.
Will they be proud warriors, my sons and daughters
grandsons and granddaughters doomed to follow thier fates as I have
or will glory and sun return to this land by my deed
this is the hope I work for, not for me but that somewhere the dorn survive
in thier spirits will be my kin, my daughters and sons
as we push the orcs back into the abyst where they belong
I must go to the old city and see if there is help there for one such as Gath
Dwingal and I and the beginning, others will have to join
Dorn, Elf, Dwarf, Gnome and Halfling. Do we know what spirit moves us
is there a guiding hand preseving us, or just a cruel master
that toys with us and plays in the dust of the spirits
hope must survive, this the dorns stand up to keep the hope alive.

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