Onions have more than 30 rings

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Onions have more than 30 rings Empty Onions have more than 30 rings

Post  Zandar on Tue Aug 24, 2010 2:42 pm

Does the silent distress you my friend? Not much further. (thinking to self) " This will be over soon. And i can return to planting secrets in my pockets. Why i need to do any favors for the shadow is beyond me. But this one i will at less laugh at when its over. Stupid Elfling has a ego the size of a river boat. Well i shall be gone of him soon. " We are here. Head to the light and wait for your master to pick you up. And goodbye Ed.

With so many things to do , Moving a elfing to a new master was a easy job. I always said i could get out of being killed. Just toke selling my soul for a few days. Time to find out how the bizz is and find BoS. They should be in contact with Gobber. Since i left him in charge. Home for a day or two rest . Recover from the pain of losing 3 fingers and having 4 put back on. Still cant grip a thing with that hand. Its getting better. Time they said in time they will work for me. No glove or wrap will hide this they told me. I am now marked till he releases me. I was to much of a thorn and he wanted to use me to poke back some. Maby that Amber will know what they did to me. Asuming she is still alive.

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Onions have more than 30 rings Empty Gnome-ling

Post  DM on Tue Aug 24, 2010 3:24 pm

Nice ... and thanks ...


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