Dwingal 10 levels later

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Dwingal 10 levels later Empty Dwingal 10 levels later

Post  steven_h_d on Thu Aug 12, 2010 1:55 pm

Dwingal the smart one retired from fighting and became a shop keeper, where he sells bee honey and vegitables to passing travelers who are lead to the land. Because you cant get here if you don't know when and when to look. Queen Amber assist travelers when she and her town can. Othertimes warriors and rangers are still called to battle when the need comes. Dwingal trains sons and daughters in the art of battle, but also the love of earth. Dwingal is also in charge of recruiting, so he often takes trips. Finding roaming clans of Dorns getting to know them and inviting those that seem trustworthy to amberville.

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