Gathorne 10 levels later

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Gathorne 10 levels later Empty Gathorne 10 levels later

Post  steven_h_d on Fri Jul 30, 2010 10:42 am

Gathorne - BattleScared and still standing he now leads along with Dwingal a dorn clan. They have carved a spot in amberville, where finally the families have some safety. Here the land is not so hard, but the dorn recall they need to keep strong. The kids still train earlier on building homes, growing crops and now how to defend their new home land. dwarfen smiths make armor and weapons, dorn guards watch the land along half-elf rangers, human ranger. Dwarfen are making safe tunnels in case we need to retreat. He has a dorn wife and children by his side now. Plus the halfling riders that range across the grasslands.

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