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Post  steven_h_d on Thu Jul 15, 2010 2:17 pm

Wayland - Hated, even before I was born. Hated so much, my mother had to leave. Not her fault, the dwarves couldn't stop the attack, she fought hard. Just too amny Orcs. So we grew up hated and Hating. Starving most of the time, good it feeds the hate of establishments. Towns with rules on who can and cant live there. Mom used to stay close to the drawf keep that threw her out. Dont know why. Then we found another place, a place that welcomed us. We worked hard, same as the rest and then during a training session I cast magic. So they started trainning me there, we became a soccerer. Big huge scary dworg that cast magic, at times it is too much, hard to cast and not let the anger become unmanaged. Otherwise I might burn them all and our party too. So when Ma died, I journeyed alone, attempted to blend with those above ground. However when the magic and the agner got too much, some orc got what they deserved. But then I had to leave. Made my way back to the caves, just in time to pick up a group of adventures. They roamed around then ran into my enemies, but luck prevailed we took them down. But once again I had to leave. Going back to the village, learn some more on controlling my nature.

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